of patent technology

Patent evaluation report utilization strategy

How can a patent evaluation be utilized?
Available for use in a variety of forms as required by management
Types of technical evaluations
Purpose of the evaluation
  • Transaction : Transaction pricing for technology purchase, sales and licensing.
  • Finance : Finance securitization of the technology or setting up a mortgage, Capital increase, reduce interest rate
  • Taxation : Capital increase, Taxation planning and payments for the donations, disposal and repayment of the technology.
  • Strategy : Setting long-term management strategies to enhance the corporation’s value, technology commercialization, spin-offs, etc.
  • Clearing : Asset valuation and debt repayment planning in the case of bankruptcy or corporate restructuring.
  • Litigation : Estimation of damages such as patent infringements, defaults and other property related legal disputes.
  • Policy : Grants additional points when applying to: Public institution support project, beneficiary of policy fund and the Public Procurement Service.
Financial structure enhancement
  • Debt-to-equity ratio stabilization : Debt-to-equity ratios stabilize as intangible assets increase, as a result of the increasing value of the evaluated patents.
  • Resolution of provisional payment : If a representative transfers an individual patent to a corporation, it pays the representative a patent price, which can resolve the representative’s provisional payment.
  • Tax-exemption effect (transfer of patent rights) : 80% of the payment is acknowledged as necessary expenses, as the payment is regarded as other income under the transfer of patent rights.

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