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A direct link between inventors and corporations,
I.P exchange IP-MARKET

I.P exchange operated by IP-MARKET
Our I.P exchange is a technology trading O2O platform that specializes in maximizing profits through I.P trading. We offer extensive and professional I.P trading and licensing services.
  • IP- MARKET with its accumulated experience and exclusive network aims to be the world's best I.P exchange.
  • We provide trading and brokerage services for our clients’ I.P, providing prompt and accurate transfers, as well as trading services that offer reasonable costs and enable exchange of a variety of information.
  • We support the commercialization strategies of a variety of businesses in relation to: Their utilization of patent rights, global market strategy, technology trading, rights sales or investment inducement, infringement litigation and global licensing contracts.
  • We will be a reliable partner; always suggesting the right method for your corporation to respond efficiently in the rapidly changing global patent system.